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Our Story

PaperPortraitGifts started as my art making hobby. I have always loved making cards for loved ones and drawing as a relaxing exercise for myself. In 2019 I decided to put some of my work on Etsy and was blown away by the interest in it. From there I began building an Etsy business focused around greeting cards and custom portraits.

I realized that what I was selling to people wasn't just a funny card or well drawn portrait. Instead it was a personalized gift that meant something either to them or to the recipient. What people value in gifts is the meaning and too often it is very difficult to find that when searching for gifts. 

That's why I am working to grow and expand PaperPortraitGifts to a platform where gift giving can become more personal, more easily. In this world that is becoming ever more digital I believe physical, meaningful gestures are becoming more and more appreciated and important to building the relationships that are so important in life.

How Do We Do It?

I want to help you connect with your friends and family in a fun and personal way. I create cards that are unique, funny and/or happy so that we can spread joy with a laugh. I would also be happy to make a card design of your choice if you have one in mind!

The other half of my business is the portrait side. I offer custom illustrations which have predominately been portraits. Pets have been the most popular choice and are an extremely personal and touching gift that can mean a lot to the recipient in my experience.

So whichever option you choose, be it portrait or card, my goal is to make a beautiful design and packaging that shows just how much that person means to you and puts a smile on their face!

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Sending Joy

To help accomplish that, I offer what I like to call Care Packs. With these, your gift is wrapped up extra specially and sent directly to the recipient for them to receive in the mail. I've seen and experienced first hand the joy of the arrival of that little package. It's all about the element of surprise!

I hope you enjoy my shop here and find something right for you! If you want to support my business and cause please share with friends and connect on social media! If you have questions or comments reach out on Facebook or Instagram to PaperPortraitGifts or fill out the contact information below!. 

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